Hello World


Sailing South In Florida to succeed in having a good time in the Bahamas


Find a beach and work on my tan “with my toes in the water and ass in the sand” (Zack Brown)


This site is all about the planning and travel adventures of Jared Kohn aboard my Slow Goin. Since the inception of my desire to buy a small boat and do some bluewater sailing, to getting a larger boat to live on and cross oceans, many interesting twists have developed. Life seems to work that way no matter what measures we take with careful planning.

Follow the Boat Build Project as I find a lake cruiser on Flathead Lake, MT, take it to Townsend, MT, and re-build it into a worthy Bluewater sailboat. There, I will explain some of the concepts and features that make an open-ocean bluewater boat safe and comfortable.

Feel free to ask questions or make remarks using the comment box on each page. We will post answers and replies as soon as we can :-) If you want to start a private conversation without the world seeing, email me at powderer@gmail.com

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7 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Hello Jared and Amira!
    Love the project and the ambitious plans. I live in Helena, love sailing and just happened to come across your link on Craigslist. Have either of you sailed much before? Where? Always enjoy talking with others that not only dream of adventures, but actually make them happen, especially those related to sailing! Good luck.

  2. Hi Jared and Amira,
    I just received an ‘E-mail’ from Mark Watland who you’ve recently met and he told me that you are planning a casual cruise around the world. You will be taking on quite a challenge but if you approach each day with a positive attitude I believe you will have an enjoyable trip. I followed Jessica Watson on her voyage and enjoyed it very much, but was saddened yet happy when she finally made it back to Sydney, AU.
    I believe you’ll be hearing from some more of us “Jess-a-holics” who followed Jessica and gave her a lot of moral support.
    I am 79 years old from Kingwood W.V. and spend most of my time at the tiller of my recliner…lol… So for now I will wish you lots of luck and may the sun shine upon your face and the wind stay at your back. Hoping to hear from you and what your plans are.
    Happy Pap

  3. Hi Jared and Amira,

    Hope you are smooth sailing! Really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to following you online to see where your journey takes you. Did you make it to the San Juan Islands yet? We are thinking of heading that way this week and would like to run into you again. If you let us know you whereabouts, we will find you. Let us know if you need anything.

    Happy sailing,
    Bill and Audrey
    Port of Everett

  4. Dear Jared and Amira,

    Mark Watland has advised me, too, of your upcoming round-the-world journey!! Wishing you the very best on your new adventure . . . and hope that you will take it slow until you FEEL confident after the experience of ocean sailing!!! We all know there is a big difference between fresh water and open water sailing, and our prayers and thoughts will be with you as we “follow along”!! Hope you have read some of the books written by others who have circumnavigated the globe (by sail), like Jesse Martin’s “Lionheart”, to know what to expect, and be prepared for every possibility!! Australian, Jessica Watson’s book “True Spirit” gives a list of ALL the provisions she had with her and all that her boat was outfitted with, to give you an idea of what you will need!! Will you be stopping from time to time, or is this meant to be a non-stop attempt? All the very best to you both!!! God be with you on your journey!! Carol Florida U.S.A.

  5. Je viens enfin de prendre le temps d’aller sur votre blog : magnifique !!!
    Et quel courage vous avez eu de larguer les amarres pour vivre votre rêve…
    vous avez toute mon admiration et mon soutien moral.
    Je vous fais de gros bisous, et je continue à partager avec joie votre périple.
    Bon vent (je crois avoir compris que c’est tout ce dont vous avez besoin…)
    J’ai beaucoup apprécié la façon dont Jared a relaté son séjour en France, et sa patience…

  6. L’aventure c’est l’aventuuuuure ….
    Et avec des mûuuuuures ……
    Le grand large, le vent, le brouillard, le dock, la recherche de douche, le travail sur le Slow Going….et la mer, le ciel bleu, le coucher de soleil, la lune, les 2 amoureux sur une ile …..et nous ici avec notre nouvelle cuvée 2014/2015 …
    Ou est le bonheur ? Avec ceux qu’on aime.

  7. Hi Jared and Amira,

    We were fortunate to meet Amira in Neah Bay. The next day, our boats left the marina just as you were departing on your first voyage. I’ve just caught up with your progress. Congratulations on the experiences you’ve had. So many have dreams and ambitions, but ultimately find it easier and safer to put them on hold perpetually. You have taken life by the reins and begun an epic adventure. Surely, it will evolve as you go (it already has!) but the fruits of your adventures and labors will most certainly be worthwhile. And you will always know later in life that you did not sit idly by. Thanks for your inspiration.


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